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The roots of electronic music in some regards come from a few key machines.  The TB-303 and the TR-808


The website has created virtual emulators of these tools.   If you choose to engage in this project, you will learn how to use these tools and will be able to explore a new D.A.W.  


Check out this pseudo-techno tune that I created a while back- used AudioTool


First: What do you know about Techno Music?  it might help to have some knowledge of this genre before using these tools. Gather info and post.



Some dialogue on techno at the beginning of this video


Full blown documentary



Second:  Dive into the new software and composed



  • Go to and create an account

  • Open a blank project

  • Load the Drum machine first and learn it

  • Load the Bassline Synth second and learn it

  • Learn how to patch instruments to the mixer

  • Learn the sequencer tracks at the bottom and how to change patterns

  • Learn how to add loops

  • Compose




There are tutorials on the site for your use.



There are many great plugins for FX that you can use in this software.  


Stay away from the Tone Matrix if you are trying to replicate Techno.  The sound does not match the style period.


There are ways to add loops into your program.  Look to the top right of the icon.   Experiment, learn the software, it is free and fun.








You may someday want to use these sounds in Logic.  I found a few tools that would allow you to emulate the same instruments from within logic. 


Download this demo soft synth that emulates the TB303.  You can use the piano roll to create the patterns.  Build your grooves then bounce in place to make the midi track you created become audio.  This will help you avoid the 5 minute limit on the demo.


you will need to restart logic, open a software track and change the synth to the Audio Realism ABL2x synth.


Emulate the TR 808 - Ultrabeat has a drumkit called Grimy 909.  It is pretty close, a little ahead of the 808 but it will work to get the sound you want.


Here is an example of a logic techno song/excerpt.... took 30 minutes.

Embed song and screenshot along with your notes before finding your instructor. 




Grimy Techno Logic Example
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