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Time for a Break - Let's Switch it up.

In this unit, you will have a degree of choice as to what you wish to explore.  I will give you

several different project ideas to choose from.   Spend 4-5 class periods on the project and document what you learn.  The concept here is to pick something that might be intriguing to you.  Think about how you will go about working on the project, then have some fun.


1.  Record a series of random sounds.  Go sound collecting with a recording device then load them all into logic.  What creative sound event can you build using these sound samples?  


Here is a bizarre example.  I record different sounds over the course of 30 days and then stuck them together.  I added some piano on top to make it more interesting.  The point is to play with collected sounds in any manner you choose.  It is like a Mosaic. 

2.  Record yourself playing your instrument.  You could play a duet and record both parts, you could record one part, then add loops and MIDI tracks to make something unique.  Use your instrument and explore the recording process in logic.



In this example, I put a drum groove on one track, then recorded myself playing exercises on my Trumpet.  I used the cycle mode so every time the file would start over, I could record another take.  I converted all "takes" into different tracks.  I think went back and recorded the tracks that had some mistakes.  The final product is just weird but I had fun doing it. 

PracticingSome Guy

3.  Record yourself playing an instrument you know nothing about, and layer sounds over it.  In this example, I recorded myself playing an Indian Flute, then added some throat singing, taps on a box of mints, and some strange arpeggiated piano sounds.  It is just a sound event, not meant to be a piece of music.   It was one big experiment. 


4.  Take one small recorded sound and use it to create a complete piece of music.  One sound that gets twisted, manipulated, distorted and layered together to create a unique composition.



In this example, I took a simple sound of me drinking orange juice and then messed with it. 

4.  Record yourself playing an instrument then change the pitch to make it sound like a different instrument.  Combine them together to get an interesting arrangement.



In this example, what sounds like a low tuba is actually a trumpet that I pitched down a few octaves. ​


5.  Consider taking a famous speech and altering the order of words to make it sound and mean something completely different.  Keep it clean.

6.  Learn to use Audiotool software and compose a simple song using that D.A.W.

7.   Plug in a guitar into Logic and explore the pedalboard plugins.  Create a short riff and then build a tutorial that others can use that explains the function of each pedal. 


8.   Have another idea?  Bounce it off your teacher and see if it is doable.

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