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Circuits is a music ensemble that I created at Burr and Burton Academy.  In the earliest days, it functioned as a standard percussion ensemble that integrated Malletkat controllers and some synthesis.  In time the group shifted to become purely electronic, using all different types of electronic instruments to create music.  In the last five years, we have integrated acoustic instruments and now have what is essentially an electro-acoustic ensemble modeled much like the Snarky Puppy ensemble.

This group attracted students that were looking for a serious musical challenge outside of school hours.

We averaged about 16 members for several years, then close to half of my school ensemble became involved; close to 35 members.    

With all the modifications for Covid 19, we have been able to augment the technology in the large music hall, which may open up some very interesting projects for the future.  Time will tell. 

Don't let the World Pass You ByJean Luc Ponty performed by Circuits
NoyehFreebern, Performed by Circuits
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