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Our goal is to get you to have the skills to be able to compose original music in any style.


To get there, we can learn a great deal from the replication of music that came before us.


One interesting technique that I have tried in the past is to find a song in a particular genre, download the song and put it into Logic.


Listen to the song and place markers at the points where the song changes significantly.


Compose a version of the song that matches the overall structure and form.



Example:  Song starts with a bass line.   Find a bass line loop or create one and have it last the same length as the reference track.  Then add additional parts as they enter in the original.  If you are creative enough, you will get a completely new sound that matches the same structure as the original. 


I call it a deconstruction project.  It is just an exercise to help develop your skills. 




PERFORMANCE TASK - for Genre Proficiency


Deconstruction of a typical House song or a style of your choosing



Example Steps:  


1. Study what HOUSE music is.  When did it start, who composed the style, how fast is it, what are the key ingredients of the style?


2. Take some notes to prove to your instructor that you know HOUSE music.


3.  Pick a HOUSE song you like or can tolerate :-) if you are not into EDM.


4.  Load it into Logic


5. Create markers for when the form changes.


6.  Build an original song using the structure of the one you selected.


7.  Attempt to match the sound of the synths uesd.  What aspect of the song is intriguing to you.  Deconstruct it. 

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