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Department Maintenance and Growth Requests
Burr and Burton embraces the arts as a central component to a child's education.  BBA Arts educators are visionaries in their field and are committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the students in the community.   They want to go beyond offering a traditional arts education program and create an experience that will have a profound life-changing impact on its' students.  This is done through relationships, work ethic, and access to 'real-world' experiences and resources.  This requires additional funding to accomplish and so we offer a glimpse at what our needs are at this time.
Continued funding of our Adjunct staff - local artists who can work with students on a consistent basis to develop their skills and understandings.  
Riley Theater:
  • Lighting Board  
  • LED Stage Lighting
  • Stereo Audio System
  • Wireless Microphone Upgrades
  • Theater Communications System
  • Window Treatment Replacement
  • Power Tools
Unleashed Media Productions: (The student content creation and distribution service)
  • Distribution fees
    • Website
    • Streaming Services
    • Domain name
  • Media Equipment
    • Portable Audio Recording Devices
    • Professional Microphones
    • Soundproofing facilities
    • Cables
    • DJ Decks
    • 2 Professional Studio Video Cameras
    • Video Editing Console/Suite
    • 20 DSLR Cameras
    • Advanced Robotics Equipment
  • Musical Equipment
    • Bass Trombone
    • 5 Octave Marimba​
    • 2 Violins
    • English Horn
    • French Horn
    • Upright Bass
    • 4 Flugelhorns
As the program has grown, we have quickly run out of teaching space.  Our hope is to expand our facilities in the near future to leverage this growth and expand community art-making opportunities.  This expansion could happen in a variety of ways given the type of support received; simple renovations to a new community arts center. Anything is possible.
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