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DJ In My Mind Project: 


Download Tracks  

Green Velvet- Bigger Than Price (Hot Since 82 edit) 

Hot Since 82- Play the Room (Original Mix) 

Hot Since  82 - Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix) 


Set your Hot Cues: 

Green Velvet - Bigger Than Price (Hot Since 82 edit)--Deck A--start at the start and mix Deck B after the drop (Quietly in the drop) 

Hot Since 82- Play the Room (Original Mix)--Deck B--start at Hot Cue Point 3 and end the latest at Hot Cue point 4

Hot Since 82- Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix)--Deck C--start at Hot Cue point 3 and try to fade out at Hot Cue point 4  



Listen to the beat, because the Tracks which are used in this mix have big beats that must be matched!  

Double check your Hot Cue and Cue points 

Check that they are beat matched and check out the keys.

Set up your FX


Please use these FXs

  • Delay

  • Reverb 

  • (loops--2 to 4 bars) 



First step I loaded the tracks into the decks and checked my Hot Cues if they are sitting a t the right point. This is important because then you can make sure, that you mix right and that you have a good structure in your mix. I check that Im on the right deck, so that I play my A deck first and not my C deck. I start to fade track A white a little filter in and I'm keeping on pushing it louder. this is just a little effect to make it come it the room and not that the track is juts coming at the highest volume at the start. Let it play a little bit and when we come a little bit ore to the drop I used the Reverb to make the drop a little bit bigger. Now come the drop and I can prepare my other track to mix it at the right time. I start the track a little bit before the drop end because I know the the zone where I mix in in track B is a little bit longer than the time I have on Deck A. Then I filter deckA out and start to fade deck B in. Keep in smooth The tracks are having a big beat! Okay I got it now I can stop deck A and make myself ready to mix in deck C on deck B. I check another time my Cue point in deck C while track B is running at makes itself to the drop. The drops are pretty long so I have a little bit time to just listen to the music. When Track B is running to the end of the drop i prepare to mix in deck C. I hit the play button and I adjust a little bit the volume and the main filter. Than I use the bass swapping method to brig the bass first in and then the highs with releasing the main filter. Yes I got it! 





For the more Advanced: 



Dombresky- Utopia (DJ 4B Remix) 


Why is this more advanced? 

This mix is a little bit more complex and advanced because I'm going to mix in a track on a different bpm. Before we were mixing on 123 bpm and this track has a bpm from 67.44. 


Hot Cue: 

Deck D--start Hot Cue 2 and take the volume out after the drop. 



When deck C from the last mix is running to the end of the drop you should start to prepare yourself to mix in the new track on deck D. I'm waiting until the drop is over and then hit play on the other track on deck D. Then I will take the main filter of deck C and turn it to the left, so that I take out the highs of the track. At the same time I will adjust the volume of track D, so that the sound comes more and more into the other track. Then I'm adjusting my Eq to take out most of the beat in deck C. If I got this, I wait to the drop and then stop the other track on deck C. Boom you just mixed in another bpm. 

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