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Analysis Project


Step one: Identify the Five Freytag Stages demonstrated in this film clip.  Do all of them exist? Explain.​


 This version of the Freytag pyramid is a bit more specific

Feel free to use this as a guide.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 1.38.56 PM.png

Step two:   


Why does the music start when it does?

What is the initial function of the music? Physical, Psychological, Technical.  Why?

What is the style of music?  Can you determine the Genre?  Why choose this type of music?

Does the musical Groove change at all over time?  Why do you think it is the way it is?

At what point does the music end and how?

What revelations did you have after this exercise?




I love this assignment.... Listen to the five different scorings of the same scene.  

Write and analysis for each version.



What musical Quote is heard in Version 2?

Which version had the greatest rise in action?

What is not quite right about version 5?

Post all of your work in your portfolio.

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