Unit 6:  Compose Title Music




Using logic software, compose original music for the opening title sequence to the movie provided.  Download


Study the film clip carefully to get a sense of style, time period, mood and feel.  Determine what type of music is needed and when.  Use the notes from the previous unit to guide you.


Consider making a timeline for your music before you start. Markers can be set inside logic as needed.  


A good way to start is to set up some Pads, synthesizers with chilled out sounds.  Then add as the action changes.


Load the clip into logic and begin your composition.


When completed, upload your new video and composition to Youtube and then embed it into your portfolio.



You will have a week to work on this composition.  Take your time and be creative!  Post the url in onCampus when you are done.

Need sounds?  go to Freesound.org


Look in your documents folder for audio samples too!