Learn from the Composers!



This week, you are going to become very familiar with film composers who are working in the industry.  The goal is to listen, watch and learn from these masters.  Take notes, and engage in additional research on each composer.    Try to study two composers per class.

Find audio examples and post them to your site whenever possible.


Questions to consider:


  • Their personal journey

  • Their musical process

  • Their sound

  • Their philosophy

  • Their tricks





James Horner's TED Talk on composing film scores

Hans Zimmer: the Conscience of Creating the Film Score

John Williams Scoring Session Indiana Jones

A Theory of Film Music

Master Class Harry Gregson-Williams à Paris 2013


Film Composing with Randy Newman

Pro Advice for Film Composers

How To Create a Movie Soundtrack: Tips by Mark Isham

Composing a Film Score (Part 1): an in-depth look (Logic Pro X)

Did you find any commonalities amoungst the composers?


What techniques did you discover?


How can you use some of their ideas in your own compositions?




Class Period 1

Class Period 2

Class Period 3




This title sequence video is from a new HBO series called Westworld.  The storyline is somewhat futuristic.  Two scientists create a world set in the old west.  The characters in this world are SYNTHS, or robots that look like humans.  Guests of this world pay money to interact in this environment.  It is like a high-tech theme park.  The synths are slowly beginning to contemplate their own existence and are developing a conscious of their own.


Taking the new insights from the composers and experts in the videos above, compose music for this title sequence.  Post when complete.


Download it here

Post all questions, answers and video composition on you eNotebook and submit to OnCampus as before.