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Creating your First Song


To begin, start with a new logic file.  

Create one Audio track to get started.

Familiarize yourself with the interface:

Open the Loop Browser.


You can pick a genre of music by clicking on the LOOPS text at the top of the window.



Start by filtering the list by selecting ALL DRUMS


Click on each sample that has a BLUE icon next to it.  Blue means Audio Loop.

Pick a drum groove you like and drag it into the Audio Window.

Align it with Measure 1... look at the top ruler.


It may ask if you want to import the project tempo... do so.  The BPM - Beats per minute will change. 


Practice extending the length of that loop by LOOPING it.  Put the cursor to the top right of the loop and see a small curved arrow appear.  Pull the end of the loop and it will "loop" itself.


You can also hold down option, drag the entire loop and let go of the mouse button to copy it.  Know both methods.


Loop the drum groove for 8 measures.  The far right edge will stop at the beginning of measure 9.



Reset your loop browser and then select BASS.


Find a BLUE audio loop Bass sound that you like and drag it into the arrange window.  A new audio track will be created for you.


Play the song using the Transport bar.  The spacebar is a shortcut.


Adjust the volume of each track so that the sound is balanced.  There a two places that you can move a fader to adjust the track volume... can you find them?

You are now up and running.  Consider adding some synths or guitars to your mix.


Remember to think in measures of 4-8-16 etc.  


Build a first section, then create a second section with new grooves.

Then copy the first section and paste it at the end.  You have a simple formula for a song.


Explore the following:



Volume control for each track

Automation to fade in and out tracks

Dropdown tools



Go beyond the simplicity of this assignment and explore.  It is a huge program.



Once complete.... you will need to BOUNCE out your song to an MP3.  Use the link below:








Click this link to learn how to MIXDOWN your first project.

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