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LaMalangaPreservation Hall Jazz Band

Take the recording of La Malanga by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and reconstruct it.





  1. Play along with the recording every day during your gig time.

  2. Learn the melodies by ear -  

  3. Figure out the form  

  4. Determine Key, Chords, Instrumentation, and form.  

  5. Figure out the appropriate scales that would work with these changes.

  6. Use the song as a minus one track and comp or solo over the changes


Proficient Performance would mean that you can play the melody and solo over the changes.  3.6 pts.

You could record yourself as a means of evidence and provide a written analysis of the song.


Exemplary Performance:  4Pts.

You create a lead sheet for the song to be posted as a resource for future musicians.

You record every part - the bass, the drums, etc. using logic.  Mix it down and post.






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