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Bluntly put, this course is everything people think they know, but don’t…

I spent years of my life wondering why I couldn’t retain tunes, why I couldn’t play language in all keys, why everything was so difficult!

And it what it came down to was this…

A LACK of automatic, conditioned, no-thought-required “mental-structures” for chords, chord-tones, scale-fragments, and progressions.

Say what? Let’s translate that into English for you…

Basically, what this means is, you need very specific mental-structures clearly burned into your mind and fingers, so you don’t need to think at all to access the melodic and harmonic information of a tune in real-time.

By practicing the material in this course, you’ll finally get these mental-structures into your mind in a way that transforms music theory into something you can actually use. You won’t be bogged down by thinking about chords anymore, and instead, you can focus on actually playing music.

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