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Students interested in jazz improvisation can participate in our jazz combo sessions Monday thru Thursday 7-8AM or enroll in the Jazz Studies Course  Information is available upon request from Mr. Freebern.

All-State Jazz Resources

Perform (with or without the music) the appropriate audition piece, with the house rhythm section, at approximately the same tempo as the record / CD and in the correct style (see AUDITION SELECTIONS for the appropriate piece).


Piano players will play the melody in the right hand while the left hand is playing the chords. The head should be played in the tradition of the jazz masters (not a strict interpretation of the melody, not just improvising over the changes, but using the melody in a musically accurate manner).

During the playing of the appropriate audition piece, improvise one full chorus of the changes to the solo with the adjudicator house rhythm section, then return to the melody without stopping

Perform (with or without the music) the required Technical Jazz Excerpt alone at the tempo and in the style indicated on the music.

Improvise over a set of unfamiliar changes that are given to the student during the audition.  The student will have two minutes to review the changes and prepare for the improvisation.  They will be able to view the changes while performing the improv with the house rhythm section.

Sight-read the appropriate part of a jazz ensemble selection. The adjudicator will establish the tempo and give the student one minute to look over the sight-reading.

The student cannot play any part of the sight-reading during the minute, but may "air play" through it as part of their preparation

Combo Resources
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