Students new to the Music Production Program

Foundations of Music Production will provide students of any musical ability the tools, skills, and understandings to be able to create, mix, and share music using the common tools used for music production.  Essential skills that will be developed to include:


Part One:

  • Steady Beat

  • Drum Groove Creation

  • Bass Line Construction

  • Chord Creation

  • Arpeggiation and Pad Construction

  • Melodic and Harmonic Composition

  • Form

Part Two:

  • Fundamentals for Sound Creation/Synthesis

  • Mixing Fundamentals - Panning and EQ

  • Open Composition/Genre Exploration

  • Rekordbox/DJ Introduction

Students that have completed the Foundations Level Certification

This studio-level course will be customized to meet the individual needs and interests of the students. Together, the teacher and student will chart a pathway through concepts that will advance their music production skills. Foundational skills will be explored at the beginning of the course, leading to a choice of pathway once complete.

Part One:

  • Synthesis - Serum Synth

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Compression, Advance FX Processing

Part Two Options:

  • Capturing audio- Mic Technique

  • Advanced Digital Composition

  • Digital DJ 

  • Foley

  • D.A.W. Exploration - Fl Studio. Ableton Live, ProTools

Students that have completed the Studio Level Certification

This third level course is for the student that is highly motivated to explore the field of music production in a self-directed manner, building off the skills that have been acquired from the previous courses taken.  Working with the instructor, research, and application projects will be created over the course of the semester.  Previous projects have included:

  • Radio Station Development and Curation

  • Audio Networking - Dante Ethernet 

  • Advanced Ableton Study

  • Music Distribution and Licensing

  • Mastering Audio

  • Electronic Instrument Construction

  • Advanced Synthesis Programming

  • Collaborative Album, EP creation

  • Theory for the Electronic Musician



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