This is a very powerful application to load in as a plugin to your favorite DAW.
Each module has just about every imaginable function available, which I will go over in detail.
Load Neutron into each track and you can control all of them at once with an overall balance, mix function complete with a visual editor.



Bell Q has three settings, for surgical edits use proportional, it will not widen the Q spread as the gain is increased.



  • Analog - Standard shelf

  • Baxendale - like traditional Bass controls in car.

  • Vintage - add a dip right before the boost- can help avoid mud. Based on Pultec EQ  - Low pass or High Pass. - Have a resonant function that creates a slight boost or cut after the point of eq.



Dynamic EQ. When activated, you can set a threshold for the EQ node to turn on.  Say you want to take the edge off a snare, but do not want to lose any highs on the kick.  Find the freq where the snare resides and put a dynamic EQ in that spot. 


LEARN:  You can use intelligent functions by pressing Learn. It will analyze where the critical freqs that may need to be tweaked.  (meh)


!!! MASKING FUNCTION IN EQ  You need to use this on individual tracks, not the master.

Say vocals are being masked, open up the Neutron EQ in the vocal track and select the other track that you think maybe the problem/

You can switch between to EQs quickly on the bottom.  Make adjustments as needed!!!  Speeds up the process of finding the location of masking. 


Inverse Link boosts one, cuts another.

Make it a dynamic EQ to that when the mask actually happens it will turn on the eq!!!!




There are two compressors.

Each can be either. a single band or multiband

It can be multi-band if you need it. Use learn mode to pick spots.


The threshold is a draggable line - dB on the left

Use the waveforms to see the peaks - This is a great visual feature!

Vintage Mode adds some warmth


Autogain? I might want to do this myself.

Auto Release button - might smooth out your compression.





Multiband Gate!   This changes everything!  Amazing!

Totally can shape your kits.

Hysteresis- Is managed with the draggable open and close setting




Distortion saturation FX

Great for adding bass growl.

Has a nice Low Pass filter.

Frigging Multiband mode!



Targets the attacks and Releases

A bit easier than a compressor.




LL low latency

RC 2- good choice


TYPES - Clear






A quick way to tweak the timbre of a song

Mix knobs allow for parallel processing.


TRACK ENHANCE - Through the Mix Assistant

Reverse engineering to learn functions


Interplugin communication!

Put the plugin on every track, then control from one to use the advanced mixing intelligent features.



Put this on every track if you do not want to use Neutron on every track.  It allows the Mix Assistant to still make changes to the tracks with Relay in them.



The Visual Mixer should be put on the master out.

It links to all other Neutron controls.



Master Plugin 

Have to have Neutron in other tracks


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