Neil Freebern's Creative Portfolio

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Dangerous Creation

2020-21 Film Score Work for the Independent Film " Dangerous Creation" Film by Teresa and Andrew Alden
Opening Credits: Trumpet solo, and Production by Neil Freebern
Opening Credits: Trumpet solo, and Production by Neil Freebern
Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 2.00.37 PM.png
Transition Sequence
Original Song by David Domenick.   Scored and Produced by Neil Freebern
2019 Global Music Recognition for original Music Score. 
A film by Danielle Hazelton
Music scored, performed and produced by Neil Freebern 
Derek Dassatti on Trombone

The Silence Between

Credit Sequence 
Sea Bright Documentary 2013
Party Underscore
Music Score selections by Neil Freebern
Contemporary Orchestral Scores
Arranged and Performed by Neil Freebern
Electronic Underscores
Visual Creation 
Spark creation made with steel wool in a whisk spun on a string.
Set to the music "Saturn."  Shadow of dancer inside image when 
on stage.
Silent Film Creation 
Music and Film arranged for Silent film Concert - Neil Freebern
Excuse the MIDI audio.