Determine Depth

As I close another semester of Blended Learning, I have come to the conclusion that many of my assignments assume that students have complete buy in for the topic and that they want to truly become masters of the discipline. While many do, I have a small percentage that are just logging time. It is like deciding at the age of 18 that you want to be a teacher and you go through four years

only to discover during student teaching that it is not for you. The students that fall into this category think they want to "Make Beats" and then discover that it actually takes time and effort.

I am considering altering the first four weeks of each class to function like an overview of all electronic music. A survey type of course that would get many of the basics learned early on in the process. By midterms, I would begin to split the courses by interest and begin to build course projects that will train them based on their specific interest. My thinking is that we can develop the language and understanding of electronic music, and create interesting projects that will engage students early in the process. When they get to their area of concentration, they will have a better understanding of electronic music and will have a new drive to engage in the specific topics.

Students that really wish to master and go deeper will have the opportunity to do so during the level two courses. So... more variety in the first year, more specificity in the second. Any thoughts?

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