Modify Assessment

I have shifted my assessment practice to provide a greater level of specificity to my grades. I have decided to assess three main components: Content knowledge/expertise, Thinking Skills/ability to utilize appropriate learning techniques, and Habits of mind/ persistence, attitudes, etc. I created

a simple rubric for each of the three domains. Each rubric is based on a 4 point scale for a total of 12 points. Here is a self reflection of the assessment tool. This is followed by a comment box where the student can reflect on how they could improve their work in the future.

I will not convert the 12 possible points directly to a percentage. I want the 3 pt. category to be the norm and award at least and A or A- for this level. So a "9" would get 90.

12 = 100

11 = 97

10 = 94

9 = 90

8 = 85

7 = 80

6 = 74

5 = 67

4 = 59

3 = 50

I also want to make it possible for a student to still pass the course if they fail a unit. On a 100 Point scale, a 0 takes a long time to recover from and often makes it impossible to pass. My lowest grade will be a 50. Am I doing them an injustice by doing so? I hope not. My hope is to provide more commentary through written comments and rely less on the numbering system.

I will be removing the numbers from the rubric above by the way. I want students to focus on the words not the potential point total.

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