Engagement is influenced by motivation. Motivation, according to the Theory of Self-Determination occurs when a person innately strives to meet the intrinsic needs of:

  • Competence- desire to achieve mastery

  • Relatedness/Connection – desire to interact with information, people and groups

  • Autonomy- desire to be in control over one’s life

To create engaged learners:

Student Centered Learning / Personalized Learning / Differentiated Learning

To meet the needs of the individual learner:

Create learning experiences that foster competency/mastery

To do achieve a degree of mastery:

Time needs to be the variable for students/ not every student learns at the same rate

If time is a variable:

Content needs to be experienced and applied through a variety of means.

If content is experienced through a variety of means:

Clarity of content is needed guided by Standards

If you align to the Standards:

Knowing how to unpack large concepts into leveled performance indicators and projects is needed.

If you allow students to progress at different rates:

Teach and assess the transferable skills required to learn effectively

There is a big picture here that needs to be understood if a change is to occur. This needs to be shared with great care. Failure to do so results in resistance, conflict, and stress. I am unsure where the leadership will come from with all of this.

Flex block was created to allow students the ability to allocate additional time to the subjects where time was needed.

Habits of Learning are being developed to help students and teachers identify the skills needed to function as an independent and collaborative learner.


If we let it be the variable it triggers the need for academic clarity. This is why proficiencies exist!!!!!!!

When time is variable for each student, the teacher is no longer the sole provider of content.

Don't do proficiencies and learning scales unless this is understood, otherwise, it is just another academic chore.

Engagement? That is the product of time management, awesome curricular experiences, and relevancy.

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