Day 1 -

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I sat down to write this because I am struggling to figure out HOW to get students to be curious. The systems that we or I create to run my courses sometimes take the joy out of music. Systems that I have created that allow me to get the class going. I have this really strange aversion to having students follow instructions on a website. They need structure and need to master specific skills in order to be creative with the tools that we have in class. I am feeling the need to demo projects and develop the curiosity that way. Show them what is possible then point them in the direction needed to learn new skills. Have their peers show what they have created and how they did it. Scripted assignments to meet a standard??? I need to think of this differently.

I often return to the "open world" concept gamers understand. You have a huge map with many regions, go explore. Most don't know where to begin. I see all of my courses in music studio as being regions in this open world game. You need some training before you venture out? What skills do you need? Well, what do you want to do, or create? That answer gives you your first move. I could go on with this but I have yet to really figure out how to implement it. I see it as a larger systemic structure that needs to be navigated. I do have much to learn. Time to change it up.



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