Friday was a great day. I was connected to a local business man who is an active supporter of the arts. Come to find out, he has expertise in the Dante audio network systems I am attempting to build at our school. He has connected me to several other resources and will be helping us financially with some of the expenses moving forward. We were also fortunate to learn that we have secured funding to improve the acoustics at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. The benefits for our community will be great. Needless to say, it was a great day.

What is this audio network?

Objective: To build a system that would allow student musicians to perform, listen and record together from different locations in the music department. Through the use of an Ethernet Audio network and Dante software/hardware students will be able to collaborate musically during this time of social distancing. In addition, the audio network will enhance our audio recording capabilities and will foster new skills for studio performance for years to come.

Michael Sorce from Dark Star Sound and Lighting, and Paul Carroccio of TPW will be integrated into the project along with two advanced students that will assist in the development of the Network. I have contacted Audinate, the Dante company, to see if there is an interest in supporting the use of Dante in the educational market. In addition, we have begun the documentation of this process and hope to release a documentary in some form once the network is up and running GNAT TV has contacted me regarding a video spot for their station and I hope to expand these clips into a larger documentary. Our motivation is to share out our solutions with other educational institutions in hopes that we can provide solutions so that musicians can play together during these challenging times.

One step forward.



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