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RISE UP! - Prism 2019
Prologue:   Cave Paintings of Story – tribal  Music themes for Moana, intro, Firebird, Fire, Kia Hora, Pure Imagination- 

Chapter 1:  The Great Bird

First Rising:  Sintra (Narration over top). Dancer appears


(Text over music)

One day, when the world was still very young, the sun looked down and saw a magnificent bird.  The bird was beautiful and had shimmering feathers.  They were bright, red and gold in color and shone like the sun itself!  


Takes flight: Flight (dancer turns into graphic and flies off on screen)

This magnificent bird, the Phoenix, stretched its wings, looked to the sky and took flight.


Wonders of the World:  Pure Imagination  

As it soared high above, the Phoenix thought to itself, I can see paradise, I am free to travel in the world of my creation...


The beautiful bird dazzled the sun.  “Glorious Phoenix bird, you shall be my bird and live forever! Live forever!” the sun called out. 

Chapter 2: The Phoenix

The Sun: Icarus by Paul Winter – Shadow Dancer to the sun behind screen

After hearing the sun, the Phoenix was overjoyed.  It danced around in the sky among the clouds.  “Glorious sun, from this day onwards, my songs shall be for you alone!” the beautiful Phoenix said.   (Clouds projected)


Chasing the Phoenix: (Read over end of Icarus)

But the poor bird was not happy for long.  It was so magnificent that everyone wanted to have a feather from it.  All kinds of men, women, and children chased the Phoenix, attempting to trap it.  Hut of Baba Yaga  Play into the B section to transition


The Phoenix knew it was time to go.  It needed to go to the east to find solitude and it flew and flew over many lands.


Chapter 3: Solitude

To the East: Big Fish and Begonia   Guzheng and Piano- Lisa and Nancy




To the Desert:  Desert Rose by Sting

The Phoenix flew for a very long time.  At last, the Phoenix came to the desert.  The desert was free from all humans. It flew freely in the desert, singing the praises of the sun above.  The Phoenix was happy and peaceful in the desert. It spent its days flying and singing.





Flying/Soaring:  Bird Song by Wailin’ Jenny’s

Years passed and the Phoenix did not die.  Almost five hundred years later, the Phoenix grew old and feeble.  It could not soar high among the clouds nor could sing as it used to.  “I don’t want to live like this,” thought the Phoenix, “I want to be young again.  I want to fly and sing again.”  So, the Phoenix sang, “Oh Glorious sun, make me young and strong again.” The sun did not listen.  The Phoenix sang and sang.  


Chapter 4: Aging


Sings to the Sun: Rise Up by Audra Day


Day after day the old Phoenix sang to the sun.  When the sun did not answer, the Phoenix decided to go back to the land it came from.  There he would call out to the sun one more time. 


Goes Home: Mado Kara Mieru

It flew across the desert, over hills, green valleys, and high mountains.  The journey seemed to be tiring and long to the old Phoenix.  Whenever the Phoenix stopped it would pick up some cinnamon barks and some fragrant herbs.  It carried some in its claws and hid the rest in its feathers.



End of Mado Kar Mieru

Finally, the Phoenix reached its destination.  There the Phoenix found a tall tree and set to building a nest there.  It built the nest with the cinnamon barks and lined it with the herbs.  Now everything was ready.  So the Phoenix lifted its head and sang one last time, “Oh glorious sun, make me young and strong again.”This time the sun heard the Phoenix sing.  The sun swiftly chased the clouds and put the winds at rest and shone down the hillside with all its power.  A blinding sight it was!  All the animals ran back to their caves and hid away from the sun’s fierce rays.  Only the Phoenix sat on its nest.  It bathed in the sun’s light.  Suddenly, there was a flash and the Phoenix was surrounded by fire.


Chapter 5: Rebirth


Into the Fire:  Dies Irae from Mozart Requiem 

The flames died out after a while but the Phoenix was nowhere to be seen.  The tree and the nest were not burnt.  All there was left was silver-grayish ash.  


From the Ashes: Saturn – Chamber choir  

Then the ash began to tremble and it started rising backward.  Slowly a young bird’s head popped out.  It was very small and stretchy.  But the bird grew as every minute passed by.  Finally, the bird was itself again.  The Phoenix had risen from the ashes.  It lifted its neck and spread out its beautiful wings and soared high into the sky.  It sang, “Sun, glorious sun, I shall sing my songs for you alone!  Forever and ever!”  When the song ended the wind began to blow again.  All the birds came out of hiding.  Birds of all kinds and sizes flew behind the Phoenix.  “You are the greatest bird of all!  You are our King!” they sang together.




Rebirth Kia Hora 

Narration inside song: . The Phoenix has risen once again and will do so every 500 years  

When it grows weak and tired from the demands of the world, it looks for peace and will sing to the sun.  Though surrounded by flames in time, it will rise again from its own ashes, changed, stronger, and at peace.





First two movements.
Will score this with vocals
Will score the vocals with harmony
and reduce some length
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