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Burr and Burton Academy Music
The Freebern's began work at Burr and Burton Academy in the fall of 2004.  Through the years, the program has been customized to meet the needs of the current student population.   What makes our program unique is the number of diverse course offerings that are being experienced through a system that is highly personalized to individual student needs and interests.    In addition to our traditional instrumental and vocal ensembles, we offer a wide variety of music electives that can be accessed at any period of the day.
Our "Music Studio" is an open-world learning environment where foundational training opens the doors for independent or collaborative musical exploration.  Students learn how to self-direct their studies, reflect upon their learning, and self-regulate the challenges faced during musical study.  Students can choose from a wide selection of courses/pathways resulting in a classroom environment that looks and feels very different. An interdependence develops between the disciplines as the semester progresses.  Compositions get performed, songs get mastered, playlists get developed, and we share this creative student work with the world through our live performances and our Unleashed Media Productions, content distribution system.
  • Music Theory Foundations
  • Music Composition and Arranging Studio
  • AP Music Theory - Advanced Projects
  • Classic Music History Foundations
  • Contemporary Music History Foundations
  • Music Production Foundations
  • Digital DJ Foundations
  • Music Production Studio - Audio Engineering
  • Film Scoring Foundations
  • Advanced Projects in Music Production/Radio
  • Jazz Studies Foundations
  • Applied Music Foundations
  • Applied Music Studio
  • Instrumental Music Ensemble
  • Vocal Music Ensemble
  • Chamber Choir
  • Circuits Electro-Acoustic Ensemble
  • Pit Orchestra
  • Jazz Combo
  • Acapella- Unaccompanied Minors
  • Unleashed Media Productions
  • Unleashed Radio
  • Unleashed Radio Actors Guild
Lincoln Center Choir - Calling all Dawns
Vermont All State
Williams College Winds
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