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Begin your mix sessions by reviewing each individual track and looks for errors or special musical moments. Feel free to use the notepad in logic to take notes on the mix.

Make notes about the corrections needed or correct them on the spot.  


Major timing errors will be addressed later.  Just make sure the tracks are lined up and any bad takes are removed.


Listen for background noise, bad edits, pops or clicks.


Delete unwanted talking, bad takes, etc. 


Take notes on what you find.



  • Out of tune singing

  • Wrong notes

  • Poor playing technique, I.e., breathing in the wrong spots, bad accents

  • Loud breath sounds

  • Clipping (sound that is recorded too loud)

  • Hiss (Too much headroom)

  • Bad room reverberation, slap echo, etc.

  • Headphone bleed (sound of a click track or other audio picked up by the mic)

  • Pops and clicks

  • Timing errors (rhythmic inconsistencies)

Feel free to clean up some of the errors if you can.  Most importantly, get an idea of what needs to be worked on in the mix.
Post your findings in your eNotebook.

 Here is a website where you can hear famous bloopers that made it to press.  Check it out.

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