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This tutorial is a variation on what you have done before

It will show you how to cut up a vocal track, program it to the ESX synth sampler and then fire small sections of the vocals as needed.


It is a great way to create harmony and background vocals.


Listen to this example.  You will hear the original vocal track followed by a cut up vocal track controlled by Midi programming.  I added a groove just for fun.  Check out the harmonies that were created.


How Long Can I Wait - Vocal ChopLOGIC EDIT

Delete any dead clips or sounds you do not want.


Add a software instrument track and place the EXS24 synth in it.  Press edit


My Drum Slice

Load the audio file “Andre Lyric 09” into a track. Zoom it in to see the transients.


Cut the track at the major transients... consider retaining the actual words when you cut.


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