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Unit 7:  Dramatic Functions





Follow each link to complete each assignment.


Assignment 1:  The Dramatic Arc


Assignment 2: Analysis Project

Apply your learning:


1. Analyze this video using the Freytag Pyramid.  Determine each of the seven points of action.


Put notes in your portfolio.


2. Establish a plan for scoring this video.  
























Film Scoring Tool :


Create a screenshot of the specific locations where action needs to be supported musically. Those can be loaded into the large boxes on the scoring template.


You may want to make some notes on the template for how you are going to approach your score.


3. Download the video and load it into Logic.   


4.  You may want to add some Foley work to compliment your music and add more realism.  ...but what is Foley?


5. Score with music and Post result to your youtube account and then embed in portfolio.


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